The Low Voltage Surge Arrester (LVSA) is a Class II (IEC 61643-11) and type 4 CA (UL 1449) Surge Protective Device (SPD) for use in low voltage secondary distribuition networks up to 440 Volts.

produto LVSA
produto LVSA
produto LVSA

Product Details

CLAMPER Grid is a Low Voltage Surge Protector for the secondary distribution network, class II (ABNT NBR IEC 61643-11), featuring Metal Oxide Varistor (MOV) technology, designed for use in equipment and transformers.

CLAMPER Grid is a high-capacity Surge Protective Device (SPD) capable of handling currents generated by electrical surges. It is an automatic disconnect device that is non-explosive and provides easy visual indication of its state/fault. The installation is simplified in equipment and transformers, and the device is resistant to weather conditions such as corrosion and radiation.

Equipment and transformer protection (secondary coil), in the latter case, is achieved by connecting directly to the secondary terminal through the mounting bracket, and its grounding is accomplished using a stainless steel screw.

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