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CLAMPER é proteção para os seus eletroeletrônicos

Do you know what a SPD is?

Without that information,
you could be losing money.

But do not worry...

We tell you what SPD is
and shows all the benefits of using CLAMPER solutions.


We are the solution.

To your house. For your business.
For the environment. To the world.

We are CLAMPER, specialist and leader in SPD.

But do you know what a SPD is?

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CLAMPER is protection
for your electronics

longer service life for your equipment

less electronic waste on the planet

We work daily with the objective of developing market-leading products.

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Home and Office

Efficient protection for electronics, with easy installation and actuation even without grounding.

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The CLAMPER Light product line has as its main application the protection of light fixtures with LED technology.

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Energy distribution

The Energy product line is used to protect equipment installed in distribution networks.

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