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Privacy Policy

Use of data by CLAMPER

All information collected during the purchase process on the website and navigation on the website will be used for your order to reach you in the shortest possible time and with maximum security. It will also be provided as a default option (already filled in by the system) the possibility of receiving our promotional emails. In order not to receive this type of electronic correspondence, the customer must disable this option by clicking on the respective square to the option. CLAMPER does not share, rent, sell or lend its database to any other company, institution or association. The only people who will have access to your data, even for a few moments, will be those involved in the process of preparing and sending the ordered products.

Data that will be shared with third parties, when and for what reason, as well as data that is not shared

Name and address: Your identification and location must appear on the package with the products that will be sent to you when you make a purchase. Therefore, the company responsible for delivering your order may have access to this information as a way only to fulfill its service.

Credit card number, expiry date and security code: Information like this, of such importance, is treated under the strictest security procedures. Your credit card data, when you choose this type of payment, will only be used to carry out an electronic transaction between Loja Virtual Clamper and your credit card company. After confirming the payment and sending the order, this data is deleted.

Name and address: In your purchase registration made on the website it will not be necessary to provide any of your bank information. Thus, at no time will the Clamper Virtual Store have access to your bank details or your password, nor will it archive them on its website.

If you notice any kind of problem while browsing our website, or even if you have any questions about our procedures regarding the Privacy and Security Policy, feel free to contact us.

Our Customer Service team is ready to assist you.

Our Privacy and Security Policy is supported by the Consumer Defense Code, the main law that governs consumer rights in Brazil, as well as being validated by our Legal Department.